Matte Lamination with Gold Or Silver Foil

Metallic foil business cards are notable for their shiny, unique finish. The unique property of foil allows for some incredible-looking designs not possible through other printing methods. Gold and silver foils are reflective and almost mirror-like, shimmer in all lighting conditions, and look especially great with black or white designs.

Color : Full color CMYK: 1 sided (4/0), or 2 sided (4/4)

Quantities : 250 to 5,000

Finishing : 2PT Matte Lamination + Raised Foil Gold/Silver, Cut to size and box. Rounded corners are optional (1/4" radius).

File Type : Print Ready PDF File

Paper type :90 Bright 14pt C2S Stock

Dimensions : 3.5” x 2” (firm size)

Coating : No Coating

Product Description


Premium Business Cards Designs


Metallic foil business cards are popular for their glittering, distinctive design. Because of the unique properties of foil, several incredible-looking patterns are possible that would not be possible for other printing methods. Gold and silver foils are highly reflective and almost mirror-like, glittering under all lighting conditions, and look particularly good with black or white designs.


Raised foil business cards stand out thanks to their unique foil print in silver or gold. Our commercial foil printing creates a luxury appearance that is common for high-end business cards and certificates. Foil business cards are ideal for high-end enterprises. Give your contact info a touch with elegance. Choose between 1 sided (4/0), or 2 sided (4/4) and a luxury 2PT Matte Lamination + Raised Foil Gold/Silver, to make your brand outstanding.


Premium Business Card Printing


Our unique gold or silver foil printing is done digitally, which eliminates the need for a die. The digital framework also allows us to add the gold or silver foils in a variety of ways, allowing you to personalize each item for your audience. Our foils are ideal for designs such as gold foil business cards and silver foil postcards. Custom foil printing is used on coated and matte papers, as well as some of our laminates.


Our laminates may be used to produce various tactile sensations or to offer standard laminate benefits such as safety and gloss. Using one of our specialized laminates to fully engage the target audience. 


Enjoy the radiance of reflective metallics and vivid colors, even on the darkest of stocks. For beautiful effects, this specialized technique produces your artwork in your preference of foil paint onto the card. Common premium foil colors include Metallic Gold and Silver. We have a large selection of other beautiful foil colors available; just let us know what color you're looking for and our print estimator will help you find the right fit.


To achieve various effects, foiling can be applied to a variety of cardstocks. The metallic gold foil looks amazing on plain white uncoated sheets. For truly amazing business cards, gold foil printing is a popular option. 


Triprint Foil business card printing allows you to create lavish and unique business cards.


This elegant Premium  Business Card embodies class and finesse. Any simple style (such as this one) would definitely make the best business cards by merely using two foil shades, gold for the text and black for the patterned backdrop.


Laminated 90 Bright 14pt C2S Stock


If you want to make a good first impression, use foil business cards. They will help you project professionalism while also adding an element of sophistication to your marketing materials.


Feeling Luxury:

Our matte foil cards have a reassuring, physical consistency that assures your consumers that they are in good hands.


Foil Raised:

Raised foil gives the card an extra coat of texture. It enables a certain sector to be granted further prominence, meaning that the card enjoys a high level of interest and professionalism.


Foil Reflective:

This unique technique stamps the artwork in your preference of gold or silver foil paint onto the card, resulting in breathtaking results.


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