Table Cover (8Ft Table)

Custom table covers for standard 6’ tables at trade shows, conventions, and other indoor events. 100% polyester woven textile Machine washable and wrinkle-resistant Closed-back (4 sided cover) or open back (3 sided cover)

Color : Full color CMYK: 1 sided (4/0)

Quantities : 1 - 50

Finishing : 3 Sided Cover(Open Back) 4 Sided Cover (Closed Back)

File Type : Print Ready PDF File

Paper type :170 GSM White Polyester Cloth

Dimensions : 8 Ft

Coating : None

Product Description


Are you looking for a premium way to advertise your company at marketing events? Our specialty printed tablecloths come in the best designs that can be used to turn ordinary fixtures into branded promotional items.


Our custom printed tablecloths with logos, also known as promotional tablecloths, are machine washable, wrinkle-resistant, making them ideal for in-store use.


These machine-washable table covers come in a variety of styles, including Closed-back (4 sided cover) or open back (3 sided cover) and feature Full-color CMYK: 1 sided (4/0) that make it simple to draw attention to brand graphics or messaging.


If your brand needs full-coverage vendor table cloths with allover printing, 3 Sided Cover(Open Back) 4 Sided Cover (Closed Back), Triprint makes it easy to order what you need and makes sure you get it when you need it.


Table cover Printing:


We are a well-equipped brand in the printing industry, and we specialize in providing a broad variety of Printed Table Covers that are in high demand and esteem in the market. Our printed product line is designed in accordance with the most recent industry developments and standards. Aside from that, these are available in a variety of colors, patterns, styles, and requirements to meet the needs and demands of customers.


We have a wide selection of Table Cloth that is crafted from high-quality raw materials sourced from reputable industry vendors. The colorful fabricated flowers, prints, and checks come in a variety of shapes and designs. In addition, we can customize our collection with tempting embroidery and vibrant colors to meet your needs. In more addition, we include these Table cloths in available sizes as 8FT table cloth 3 sided cover and 8FT table cloth 4 sided cover where you can select the needs of your choice.


Where else can we use Table Covers?


Triprint Custom table covers are a great way to represent your company at trade shows. But where else can they be used? Banquets and fundraisers are excellent opportunities to display your logo or promotional information. This keeps your company on everyone's mind as they have fun and socialize with their coworkers. 


Another place where table covers shine is at job fairs. They will make it easier for vendors to stand out at craft fairs and farmers' markets. Blood drives and fundraisers run by non-profit organizations will help them gain support for their cause.


Worried about travel-related wear and tear? Our customized and adjustable table covers are made of 100% polyester woven textile. Furthermore, all of the covers are machine washable. For a professional show in the convention center,  our standard tablecloths are wrinkle resistant. For events where fire-safe materials are needed, this polyester material is also a flame retardant.


Promotional tablecloths are one of the most effective ways to market your business at events. But are you making the most of your show space's branding potential? On Triprint, you can find a number of promotional trade show fixtures to help you build an effective display that can reach out to attendees.


Why Choose TriPrint Table Covers?


Our products are well-liked by customers for their innovative designs, ease of washing, water resistance, excellent printing, and premium stitching. Our prints are made with cutting-edge machinery and equipment. The machines in our infrastructure help us to provide a perfect range of printing solutions to our customers.


We use high-tech devices that are managed by a team of experts to ensure that our business operations run smoothly. Triprint is a group of highly trained and educated employees. Our team of professionals works tirelessly around the clock to provide our consumers with the highest quality printed product variety in accordance with best-in-class industry standards.


Triprint offers an exclusive collection of customizable Printed tablecloths made of 100% polyester woven textile to our prestigious brands and businesses like yours.





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