Tear Drop Flag

Tear Drop Flag

Color : Full color CMYK: 1 sided (4/4)

Quantities : 1 - 100

Finishing : Stitched. Includes Hardware + Carry bag

File Type : Print Ready PDF File

Paper type :Polyester

Dimensions : 80X194CM 99X310CM 121X367CM

Coating : No Coating

Product Description


Teardrop flags, also known as teardrop flag banners, teardrop flag signs, teardrop promotional flags, teardrop advertising flags, or teardrop feather flags, are large teardrop-shaped flags that can be printed with any custom design using its respective printing process.


Tear Drop Flag Banners:


Using our teardrop flag banner in front of your shop or business will surely be attractive and helps to draw the attention of your potential customers and other passersby. Promoting your business is made simple and successful with Triprint teardrop flag banners. 


A Teardrop Flag's specific design is capable of attracting the interest of people passing. That's not all! Because of its style and function, you won't have to continuously adjust it during bad weather. As a result, teardrop-shaped custom flags are incredibly popular for outdoor advertisements. They're often used as permanent marketing fixtures outside shopping malls to advertise seasonal promotions or product launches. They're also known as beach flags because they're often used on beaches.


Where to use Teardrop Flag banners:


Teardrop banner flags will add an eccentric touch to your promotional strategy, enhancing your company's presence in any outdoor events. They're made to endure mild weather and make for an excellent form of outdoor advertisement.


When used indoors, though, they look and perform almost as well. As a result, this low-cost promotional platform gains a scalable feature. Overall, this Teardrop promotional flag will give you the most value for money.


Teardrop flags are widely used for advertising purposes, such as supermarket promotions. They may be used to advertise grand openings or draw event attendees' attention to a specific booth within the venue. These flags are also widely used in the food industry to promote menu offerings that stand out. There are a variety of places you can use them at work, from supporter signs to beach flags, etc.


If it comes to teardrop flags, how long do they last?


A high-quality flag will last for around one to two years if properly maintained. It is recommended that the flag be washed with soft washing liquids.  Often, stop using the washing machine as much as possible because it can damage the fabric's knitting. Triprint offers teardrop flags at an affordable price in the town.


Teardrop Flags Printing Near you:


Triprint provides the complete printing solution for flags, Which are only printed on high-quality polyester. The sun rays on these flags contribute to the advertisements' look. Our kit includes the whole flag assembly, as well as the hardware and the carry bag. They're all weatherproof, meaning they'll be able to stand upright and under the elements. Lots of people will get attracted to our fabric because of its richness and glossiness.


Triprint Teardrop flags differ from traditional feather and blade flags in several ways. Its shape is the largest and most noticeable element that distinguishes it. Since the shape stops it from rising with the wind, the stiffness of this teardrop flag makes it suitable for windy areas. As a result, the flag will still look crisp and clean.


You can personalize your Teardrop flag printing in a variety of ways with us. Besides this, the personalization option allows you to have your logo, personal post, or artwork written on your flag. We will also provide you with the technical online tool “Upload Your File” for uploading your own design for printing, which will help you increase the effectiveness of your flag messaging even further.


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