Rectangle Flag

Rectangle Flag

Color : Full color CMYK: 2 sided (4/4)

Quantities : 1 - 100

Finishing : Stitched. Includes Hardware + Carry bag

File Type : Print Ready PDF File

Paper type :Polyester

Dimensions : 70X150CM 70X230CM 70X340CM

Coating : No Coating

Product Description


Rectangle Flag Banner:


Rectangle flags are a brilliant way to promote deals, offers, grand openings, or simply to let customers know that your shop is open for business. Rectangle Flag banner can be seen both inside and outside. It not only conveys your business information but also gives your company a distinct identity.


In Contrast to other promotional flags, Rectangle Flags are in attracting consumers' attention to the company from a marketing standpoint because of its great surface area where we can display a  lot of text and pictures. They're widely used as both indoor and outdoor banners.


Triprint Recatangle Flag:


Triprint uses the highest quality materials to design flags. Our flags are printed professionally using a cutting-edge printing technique, which ensures the ink penetrates the cloth to produce a vivid display. It's made out of lightweight material. 


Triprint rectangular flags give you a lot of space to advertise your products, services, or activities. You can design your own flag and upload it us using the “Upload Your own file” online tool in PDF format. We can print your design into an eye-catching and highly noticeable thing. Not only we want to meet our customers' desires, but we want them to be able to take part in the design phase and customize their flag. We would like you to design your flag.


We have a wide collection of flag printing options at Triprint. We also have other suggestions for flags such as teardrop flags, feather flags which also used for grand openings, promotion of products, services, operations, and special occasions.


Why Rectangle Flags:


Outdoor advertising by Triprint rectangle flags is more efficient, and they are lightweight and easy to set up. Rectangular Flags have numerous benefits which also including double and single-sided printing.


Our lightweight design makes it much easier to transport, 


The Wind movement attracts new buyers.


Ease of installation and replacement. 


These are used to promote festivals, sports, exhibits, and product or service introductions.


Triprint Rectangle Flags will draw the attention of drivers and pedestrians alike. Our prints are long-lasting and durable. It's also easily visible from any angle. Our flags are wind-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor advertisements. They will get their messages updated at any time. The used material is long-lasting, washable, and reusable.


Compared to other feather flags, these larger rectangular banners have more room for a personalized post, allowing for broader graphics and more content as already mentioned. And when there is no wind, the top banner arm allows the entire design to be seen. Custom flags such as these Rectangle Flags are often used at event displays, business tradeshows, and outside stores during sales.


Double-sided printing options are available for our rectangular flag frames. Our variant of rectangular flag is more cost-effective than the others. The double-sided arrangement is recommended for designs that contain text and it also an ideal choice for designs that are corporate logos or plain patterned designs.


If you'd like to print an eye-catching, high-quality, perfectly finished rectangular flag at a reasonable price, Then We will there for you. Triprint will assist you in choosing the optimum flag. All you have to do is simply give us a call or send us an email, and we'll handle the rest.



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