4mm Foam Board

Foam board is a lightweight sign that is ideal for the indoors.

Color : Full color CMYK: 1 sided (4/0)

Quantities : 1 to 200

Finishing : Cut to Size

File Type : Print Ready PDF File

Paper type :4mm Foam Core

Dimensions : 12"x18" 12"X24" 12"X36" 12'X48" 18"X24" 24"X24" 24"X36" 24"X48"

Coating : No Coating

Product Description


Foam Board Signs:


Foam sheets are a flat, lightweight, and sturdy material that is simple to work with. It is resistant to acids and alkalis, as well as water and air. Foam core board sheets can be used to make posters, POS/POP screens, display tables, marketing walls, and channel letter backing, and more.


Foam sheets have a foamed structure, which ensures they have a smaller density and are thus lighter. As a result, white plastic sheets are simple to deal with and install, and many companies continue to use them in their production. The arrangement does not affect the material's surface or weight, so the Foam sheet is smooth and durable.


It's widely used for mounting prints and photos, as well as backing picture frames.


Foam board signs (also known as "Foamcore") are the ideal combination of portability and professionalism. Our 4mm foam board signs are printed on 4mm Foam Core with Full-color CMYK: 1 sided (4/0).


Foam Board Signs Custom:


Triprint custom foam board signs are ideal for use as visual aids during presentations, as signage to inform consumers of ongoing specials, as point-of-sale displays, and almost every other indoor signage application.


We use large format industrial size printers for printing because of this Triprint’s foam boards are available in different sizes and you can order online between 12"x18" 12"X24" 12"X36" 12'X48" 18"X24" 24"X24" 24"X36"  24"X48"  at affordable price. We have printing options such as One-Sided (4/0). Pick a perfect size that fits your space's layout and dimensions.


Presenting foam board signs is simple and fast!


Foam Board Signs Printing:


Triprint provides the best-in-class Foam board signs printing which is light in weight, compact, and simple to view. It's easy to set up at your events, stores, and offices.


Triprint Foam board signs combine a sharp, professional look with a super-lightweight style to offer you the best.


Print your own personalized foam board signs online using the simplest and most user-friendly “Upload your file” tool at triprint. Upload Print Ready PDF File to get hi-resolution prints and to avoid a grainy look.


Application of Foam Board:


We strongly advise using foam board only indoors because it has a paper face on both sides.


Foam board signs are only supposed to be used inside. Using them outdoors, where they will be exposed to the elements, will result in signs that have been destroyed. If it's due to weather or just high winds, the foam board signs aren't intended to be used outside.


Indoor uses for foam board signs include One-time business, school shows, point-of-purchase displays in-store environment, event signage, exhibitions at museums and other venues, trade show signage.


Foam board signs should be handled with care when transporting, displaying, and storing them to avoid tearing or other damage.


When keeping foam board signs, avoid falling or putting any items directly on top of them. Avoid interaction with moisture or water.


Gently clean the surface using a dry cloth, Wipe the glossy surface with a soft, non-abrasive cloth.


When needed, use a small amount of citrus-based cleaner or isopropyl alcohol.



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