Premium Roll Up Banner

Premium pull up banners are the next level of luxury for your clients’ custom pull up banners. They add even more professionalism and stability so that your client’s message stands out from the rest.

Color : Full color CMYK: 1 sided (4/0)

Quantities : 1 - 100

Finishing : Installed

File Type : Print Ready PDF File

Paper type :13oz Matte Vinyl

Dimensions : 33" X 81" 48"X80.50"

Coating : None

Product Description


This is all about branding your business and attracting exposure to your services/products at events and trade shows. Triprint premium roll-up banners will be used for a variety of purposes, from effective emblem branding to personalized business negotiations. At an event, a Triprint premium roll-up banner is just one of the best ways to advertise your business and brand. 


There are more event banners that are built to be set up quickly and efficiently. One of the advantages that have made roll-up banners so common at indoor/outdoor events is their convenience of installation. At Triprint, we aim to provide you with high-quality  Premium roll-up banners that will last for years.

We've categorized our roll-up banner into two groups to make your search easier: Economic roll-up banners and premium roll-up banners. You can narrow down the banner options by height, graphic material, size, adjustable hardware, and width. At Triprint's Premium Roll up banners, you'll find the premium standard of  33" X 81" and Premium wide of 48"X80.50" sizes.


Showcase your business in its own way:


Enable your products and distinctive selling propositions to stand out with massive, bold, and eye-catching appeal. Triprint Premium roll-up banners are easy to put up and are a great way to promote your brand. They're strong and compact, so you can take them with you wherever you go.


Trade shows, farmer's markets, mall kiosks, and other events benefit from Premium roll-up banner printing.


Triprint Premium Roll-up banner is a perfect way to showcase your organization’s value in a single eye-catching visual. The photographic standard of our Premium roll-up banner will provide audiences with the luxurious vivid image of your selection at a busy industry event.


The Premium roll-up banner also comes with a  lightweight, sturdy portable stand.


Why Triprint Premium Roll Up Banners?


Triprint premium roll-up banner is the top-notch banner in our roll-up banner series and is extremely durable, making it ideal for a variety of applications. Customers who like the extra consistency and the desire to stand out from the crowd will always choose this. Triprint premium pop-up banners have been well-engineered and are designed for long-term use.


Our Premium roll-up banners are also designed to be easy to set up, pack up, and transport, taking into account the diverse nature of your business. This enables your organizations to make an appearance at conferences, farmers markets, and exhibitions around the country while maintaining the appeal and authenticity of your roll-up banner.


The Premium roll-up banner is much more sturdy and durable than the Economical banners, and it was built with durability in mind. Our most popular banner, it's great for long-term use and arrives at a great affordable price. It comes in 33" X 81" 48"X80.50" sizes. Perfect for entrance displays, exhibitions, sales conferences, and other special events.


To make a quality image, graphics are printed at high-resolution print settings. Our premium roll-up banner is perfectly smooth and luxurious. For those who need a little more assistance with the design of their Premium roll-up banners, Triprint offers an upload of your own design option. This option involves various design updates as well as artwork proofing. You can upload your own artwork to be printed.



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