Feather Flag

Feather Flag

Color : Full color CMYK:21 sided (4/4)

Quantities : 1 - 100

Finishing : Stitched. Includes Hardware + Carry bag

File Type : Print Ready PDF File

Paper type :Polyester

Dimensions : 68X208CM 74.5X314CM 79.5X421CM

Coating : No Coating

Product Description


Custom Feather Flags:


Consider a swaying feather flag in the park. The body of the flag is covered with your business logo and the name of the event. which brings real pleasure to your brand Symbols have a lot of influence when it comes to understanding a message. Watching them stretch out from a flagpole sends out a positive message that anyone who sees them will be reminded of.


Our custom feather flags and banners are constructed from high-quality flexible polyester cloth that can be used both indoors and out. Feather flag banners are a great way to draw attention to your organization, product, or promotion both outside and inside. 


Place your custom feather flags as a trendy sign or an entranceway to your activities and tradeshows at your business location. Triprint provides an affordable advertising medium that you can use and reuse for your advertisements with our affordable price range.


Feather Flag Canada:


Triprint is one of the major producers of custom feather flags in Canada. Feather Flag is ideal for sports competitions, football leagues,  brand promotions, and even as the major marketing campaigns for international football matches. Feather flags are excellent attention-getters because they have an appealing appearance and style that draws everyone's attention.


Larger quantities of outdoor flags are also more reliable. You may use various styles, such as logos, text, and other graphics, to decorate them. To reach a larger audience, put several flags on busy streets or areas with a lot of foot traffic. They're simple to set up.


To achieve that vibrant and striking look, all of our feather flags are printed with Full-color CMYK:21 sided (4/4). Steel base attachments are also available for added stability and protection in windy weather. 


People standing on the other side of the banner can see a mirror version of what is printed on one side. Feather Flag, as the name implies, indicates that these flags are very light and easy to transport from one location to another.


Single-Sided Feather Flag Printing:


We also have printing choices for the banner, which include printing on either one side or both sides of the flag. Single Side Printing provides a reverse or mirror image of the other side of the flag, which is composed of a single piece of fabric. 


The advantage of a single-side printed flag is that the pictures have fewer fading chances when displayed, and they fly much smoother due to their lightweight. 


Double-Sided Feather Flag Printing:


For double-sided printing, the pictures are displayed on two single-sided flags. Our double-sided custom feather flags are the way to go if you want your flag's messaging or branding to be visible from both sides. Print the same design or a separate design on both sides of the flag.


Why Triprint Flags?


The primary reason to print with Triprint is that it is a very cost-effective marketing strategy.


Our high-quality printing procedure used on the Feather Flags lasts long and does not fade when exposed to sunlight. We provide the “Upload Your File” option to upload your own designs on a PDF-based format.


The best thing about buying this incredible marketing accessory from Triprint is that you can personalize and customize your stand and graphic to fit your specific placement requirements. Triprint has the best price available online today.



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