Car Magnet

A thick magnet that can be placed on vehicle doors to add corporate branding.

Color : Full color CMYK: 1 sided (4/0)

Quantities : 1 to 10

Finishing : Cut to Size

File Type : Print Ready PDF File

Paper type :30 MIl Magnet

Dimensions : 9"X18" 9"X24" 12"X12" 12"X18" 12"X24" 18"X18" 18"X24" 24"X24"

Coating : No Coating

Product Description


Car Magnet and Decals:


Car Magnets and Decals are thin but solid and can be applied to flat, smooth magnetic vehicle surfaces for on-the-go ads and business growth. Custom car magnets are an affordable, wind-tested, and long-lasting option for removable signs on personal or business cars.


Car Door Magnets are made of heavy-duty 30 mil material and are suitable for car door signs. These gleaming magnets may also be used as temporary signs on building projects or in other dynamic work environments. 


Car magnets are completely adjustable and paint-safe, allowing you to create your pattern, slap it on a car or truck, take it off, and reuse it over and over. With our top-quality printers, you can be certain that your magnet can last a long time and look amazing on your car. There is no minimum requirement.


The car magnets are available in different shapes and patterns.




A regular square or rectangle would be cut out of the magnet. In our design tool, this is the default design.




To fit your pattern, your magnet will be cut to a specific shape. The Custom with Border choice may be needed for more complex structures.


Customizable Border:


Your magnet will be cut to your needs, with a material border around the edges.


Rounded Corners:


Your magnet will be square or rectangular, with rounded corners of 1/4" or 1" radius.


Car Magnet Printing:


Your custom printed magnet will be printed on some of the finest printers in the world, with bright and vivid printing and fade-resistant UV-protected ink.


Instead of using regular rectangular magnets, you can customize the size and shape to suit your needs. Apply the magnet to your car and use it every day without worrying about it slipping or floating down. Use the magnet every day in a variety of temperatures and environments, safe in the knowledge that it will last for years.


Car Magnets are an innovative way to promote your company. Use it to transform trucks, buses, and car doors into advertising platforms. Let your driveway stand out on the lane. You should strategically position custom car magnets on the flat surface of your vehicle to gain more visibility without high costs.


When you park your car at a store or on the highway, these magnetic signs can be seen from afar and can advertise your venture over long distances.


TriPrint offers reusable custom car magnets that are simple to add and remove. The newest way to promote your products and services is with custom car door magnets. Attract them to delivery trucks, buses, your cars, or the car of a delivery person to transform the vehicle into a moving advertisement! To get awesome-looking Car Magnet Printing, upload your personalized template with logo and contact details, as well as pick from many personalization sizes at TriPrint.


On the front, there's full-color, fade-resistant printing, and on the back, there's a solid magnetic coating.


30 mil glossy heavy-duty magnet that holds firmly on cars. with Full-color CMYK: 1 sided (4/0).


Application of Car Magnet:


Apply on metal, magnetic surfaces, and smooth, flat surfaces.


Until mounting, make sure the surface is completely clean.


When used properly, it will not harm the paint on your vehicle.


Remove and clean regularly for optimum adhesion and durability.


The installation and maintenance directions must be followed properly.


Cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, and fleet vehicles are all compatible.



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